Stronger Communities

BIG logoCommunities Channel Scotland is happy to archive some of the resources and learning from Stronger Communities, which was a Big Lottery funded initiative containing three separate programmes:

Sus it Out Plus

Achieving Community Empowerment (ACE)

Our Community Our Future (OCOF)

A strong community will help bring people together to provide care and support, to organise celebrations, to set up and run local projects, to represent common interests to public bodies and others and to campaign for change. Hundreds of community groups and organisations do these things and more throughout Scotland, from very small informal groups to substantial organisations.

The Big Lottery (BIG) funded Stronger Communities from 2009 until 2014.  The programme was designed as a range of support packages for community groups.  It originally consisted of three separately delivered programmes.  These were as follows:

More than 200 community groups were supported by Stronger Communities to develop their confidence, skills and ability and to jointly influence what happens in their community. The level of support varied across the three programmes from light-touch (Sus It Out Plus) to more in-depth support (ACE and OCOF).

While the three programmes were delivered separately, Stronger Communities also brought groups together from across Sus it Out, ACE and OCOF, sharing learning and experiences at specially designed events.

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