ACE materials

A number of materials were produced over the four years ACE was delivered.  These include background information, learning materials and evaluation reports.



SCDC website

SCDC logoRead more about ACE on the ACE section of the SCDC website.


ACE year four flyer

ACE flyerGives the general gist of what ACE was about.


ACE guidance notes

Explains what ACE is in more detail and what kind of groups it aimed to support.


ACE year 1 group profiles

Provides brief descriptions of the groups ACE worked with in year one of the programme.


Achieving Community Empowerment - the Guide

SCDC has been working on a guide, based on our experience of delivering ACE, to support community organisations.  The guide aims to be useful, accessible and something which community organisations can use themselves - or which could be used with a support worker if needed.       



Community Empowerment in Action: Making it happen: making it work

Community Empowerment in Action coverThis briefing draws on SCDC experience of work with communities across Scotland over the past ten years.

It aims to highlight the importance of support programmes such as ACE in increasingly turbulent times and to demonstrate why increasing local capacity is in the best interests of communities themselves.  It also links community capacity building approaches, such as ACE's with current policy agendas.


Stronger Communities Annual Report 2012

Ekos reportProduced by EKOS research consutants, this report evaluates the three strands of Stronger Communities - ACE, OCOF and Sus it Out Plus - together.  It contains findings, recommendations and case studies.


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