The ACE process

The ACE process guides community organisations, and those that work with them, through a critical review of their role, relationships and ambitions so that they can be as effective as possible in achieving their aims and improving their communities.

Achieving Community Empowerment: the Guide was published in 2015, giving an in-depth step-by-step description of how the ACE process can be used to benefit community groups.  The following has been adapted from the guide's introduction.

 How ACE works 

ACE is set out in the following steps:

Taking Stock - thinking about the progress the group has made, and taking time to reflect on what it has achieved and what remains to be accomplished. 

Assessing - Taking Stock leads naturally into the assessment process, which looks at the the community organisation's needs, challenges and opportunities and identifies what further information may be needed.

Planning - looking at: what change is desired and how to achieve this; how to measure progress; how to involve as many people as possible; how to work together; and how to report on progress.

Doing - focusing on support such as training, organisational advice, support in organising events, or trouble-shooting discussion.

Reviewing - taking an overview of progress and achievements, and seeking to understand the reasons for lack of progress in any area.



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