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The OCOF programme, delivered by Foundation Scotland, aimed to support groups of motivated community members to explore an issue further, get more people involved, Polbeth and West Calder Community Garden become more organised, develop an action plan and take the next step towards making a difference.

Under the programme, which ran from 2010-2014, OCOF team members worked with a group so that they would have more influence on issues that are important to their future.  A resource budget was available, and OCOF worked with groups to decide how to spend this.  Options included training, further learning or implementing an action plan.  Read more on how OCOF worked.

The emphasis of OCOF was on “communities coming together to achieve positive change, particularly to new challenges and trends which affect people whose voices may not be heard”. This included communities of geography and communities of interest, and the progress of some of the OCOF groups is recorded in our Stronger Communities case study page.

A range of OCOF-related materials are presented here which may be useful for community groups, as well as future support programmes, to learn from.    

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