How Sus it Out Plus worked

Sus it Out Plus helped organisations to improve their work, bring people together, reduce their environmental impacts and attract funding, with the overall aim of allowing organisations to move forward confidently.

Facilitated session

Sus it Out's support to each organisation started with a facilitated session for between 4 and 10 people from the group. The session lasted between 1½ and 2 hours, and was based around a large interactive ‘board game’ with various prompts to stimulate discussion of the issues around sustainable development.

Participants were asked to think about how these issues impacted on and were affected by the activities of their organisation.  The discussion was structured, but group members controlled the agenda in that the conversation related to people's own organisation and experiences.  The aim was to generate a wide-ranging discussion that would throw up a few surprises.

Sus it Out Plus interactive board gameThe facilitated session ended by seeking a commitment from the organisation to take specific action to make its activities more sustainable. Participants were encouraged to think as big as possible!

Action plan

To help realise this group commitment Sus it Out facilitators then drafted a Sustainable
Communities Action Plan for the group.

This was based on what the group had told them about where they were at the time and where they wanted to go. The action plan set out the steps that needed to be taken to realise the changes groups wanted to see.  It included action points and a training plan.

Learning account

To pay for the training or technical support required (and as recommended by the action plan), a Sustainable Communities Learning Account of up to £1,500 was provided to groups.  The condition of this one-off grant was that it had to be used to pay for such training or support.

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