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Advice regarding using photos found online

June 16, 2014

SCDC is aware that some community groups have recently got into difficulty regarding the use of copyrighted images. This is an area we could all perhaps do with a greater awareness in, at a time when the use of photos and other visual material on websites and social media profiles has become commonplace. It's worth asking ourselves: Photo we have permission to use!do we always get adequate permission to use photos we find on the internet, and how do we know we have secured this permission properly?

Helpfully, South Ayrshire Council has issued a set of advice notes for community groups and voluntary organisations using online images along with a template for negotiating permission to use images with a copyright owner. The guidance recommends checking your websites and publications to see if there are copyrighted images and taking action to ensure you have explicit consent to use these. It also asks us to spread the word to ensure nobody gets caught out!

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