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Can social prescribing help redefine health and social care?

February 27, 2019

A new CHEX Briefing explores the role social prescribing could play in redefining the health and social care model in Scotland.

It looks at how community organisations have a key role to play in the development of social prescribing, acting as a bridge between statutory services and community provision. 

Social prescribing is a method of working with people to identify non-medical, community-based, sources of support for them. This includes things like outdoor activity exercise programmes or social clubs - services often delivered by community-led organisations already working in local communities.

Social prescribing is being used already, with organisations such as Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing working to expand social prescribing in Scotland.

CHEX argues that social prescribing should be ‘scaled up’ further, with investment in the community sector and a focus on inequality, engagement and partnership vitally important to ensure it meets the needs of those who need it. 

If this happens, social prescribing has the potential to help transform what health and social care looks like in Scotland.

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