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Communities Channel Scotland: six months on

January 22, 2015

To mark the fact that Communities Channel Scotland has been up and running for half a year since its launch in June 2014, we thought we’d give an update on activity so far, and let you know how to get profiled on the site if you haven’t already.Communities Channel Scotland

In the last six months the Communities Channel has:

  • Profiled 46 community organisations (and counting!) from all around Scotland as ‘Spotlights’.
  • Developed 14 case studies of community groups to help share knowledge about what works.
  • Highlighted and linked to 87 useful resources for community groups to help them know their community, grow in strength and show what they are doing to others.
  • Produced 40 news stories providing groups with useful updates on funding, events, support and new resources
  • Sent out over 125 tweets, including updates from the site and retweeting news from community groups – see @SCDC_Andrew
  • Been viewed by an average of 300 visitors per month.

Communities Channel Scotland provides support to local groups and organisations to grow and connect with each other by sharing the stories and experience of community groups and organisations in their efforts to improve their communities, and by highlighting resources that can help groups in their work.  In addition, the website provides regular news stories on any developments affecting community groups, whether at a national or local level. 

Please send us the latest updates from your community group and get in touch if you would like us to spotlight your achievements.  It would also be great to hear people’s views on how they have found using the Communities Channel.  How could it be improved, what is missing and how has it been useful?

Communities Channel Scotland has been developed by the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) with funding from the Scottish Government. 





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