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Community Empowerment Act update - community planning

October 31, 2016

The Scottish Government has published a near final draft guidance and regulation for the community planning section of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Since the Act was passed in June 2015, the government has been consulting around the regulation and statutory guidance required to enable the provisions to come into force. 

Part 2 of the Act imposes duties on community planning partnerships and community planning partners around the planning and delivery of improved local outcomes, and the involvement of community bodies at all stages of community planning. Tackling inequalities will be a specific focus, and CPPs will produce "locality plans" at a more local level for areas experiencing particular disadvantage.

Following this consultation, they have published this near final guidance and regulation to help support those who wish to take part in community planning. They note:

"These materials have been revised in light of responses to our recent consultation on draft guidance. We will publish the final version of this guidance once Parliament has scrutinised and approved one related draft regulation (about locality planning) and it will reflect the terms of the approved regulation. Assuming the regulation were to be approved within our expected timetable, we anticipate that the finalised materials will be available before the year end. However, to support CPPs prepare for meeting the expectations for community planning, including those set out in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) 2015 Act we are keen to provide access to these materials now.

This guidance adds more detail to the statutory provisions. Effective community planning requires more than compliance with the duties set out in the Act. It is fundamentally about the positive difference which CPPs and partners make with and for people and communities. Part 1 of this guidance sets out what effective community planning should achieve. Part 2 provides additional supporting detail about what the principles of effective community planning include. It also contains specific guidance to assist CPPs develop both their Local Outcome Improvement Plan and locality plan(s). CPPs will be expected to publish these plans by 1 October 2017."

You can view the guidance and regulation document here

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