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Great new report from Dementia Friendly East Lothian

January 30, 2015

Dementia Friendly East Lothian has produced a report and summary of its recent learning event.  It was the first time the group has brought people together from across East Lothian to talk about what being Dementia Friendly means to everyone involved.

The key messages for the East Lothian approach to Dementia Friendly are:

  • Develop opportunities for people with dementia to have more say and influence on the decisions that matter to them 
  • Make key ‘messages’ about dementia accessible and widely available to wide range of audiences. 
  • DFEL reportContinue to focus on supporting and building community capacities, using a community development approach to dementia friendly work in East Lothian. Crucially this means that all activity is community-led with a focus on improving the quality of community life through building strong inclusive communities where people affected by dementia are valued and respected members. 
  • Take forward DFEL’s draft dementia training strategy with the Health and Social Care Partnership and press for this to be effectively resourced. 
  • Develop case studies/examples which help service providers and decision makers understand the role that community resources and organisations can play in providing effective care at all stages of dementia, supporting people with dementia to live meaningful independent lives in the community for as long as they wish to do so 
  • Continue to raise the profile of dementia in local service planning structures (e.g. area partnerships) 
  • Continue to develop opportunities for service providers (all sectors) and communities, people with dementia, carers and families to meet, share stories, develop learning and generate action around dementia 
  • Explore structure options for DFEL and continue to develop the activities of the collaborative. 
  • Develop ‘funding opportunities’ package/guidance for work on dementia across East Lothian. 
  • Analyse ‘Support from the Start’ and 'Breast Feeding Friendly' models and identify possible parallel developments for working on dementia. 

There are now six communities actively engaged in becoming Dementia Friendly, with local community people and organisations taking the lead and working to make life better for people in their community who are affected by dementia. The new East Lothian Generations Working Together Network is helping to build links across generations and lots of friendships are blossoming up across local communities.

We're making progress, making life better for people living with dementia, but also showing how Dementia Friendly is good for every one of us.

(Sue Northrop, Dementia Friendly East Lothian)

Scottish Community Development Centre has supported Dementia Friendly East Lothian through its Supporting Communities Fund.

Read the full report from the event.

See the accompanying publicity briefing in full.

Visit Dementia Friendy East Lothian's Facebook page for more on the group.

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