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Democracy Matters - update

February 18, 2020

Local Governance Review logoThis year, the Scottish Government will be continuing the Democracy Matters conversations, with communities, on the future of local decision-making.

The people of Scotland will be invited to help design good community-led decision making processes which can deliver benefits for everyone. Material to support these conversations, based on the type of changes people said would make the biggest difference to them, is currently being finalised.

The plan is to kick of the conversation in March and everyone is encouraged to get involved. Details on how to get involved will be shared on Communities Channel Scotland, on the Local Governance Review webpage and on the @CommEmpower Twitter handle. You can also sign up to the Democracy Matters newsletter to recieve updates directly.

In addition, on 28 November 2019, the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government and the COSLA President, sent a letter to all public sector leaders, updating them on the next phase of the Local Governance Review and inviting them to get involved.

See more on the Local Governance Review and Democracy Matters.

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