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A different future for transport in Glasgow?

February 25, 2021

The report from a public conversation on Glasgow's transport future is available, showing an appetite among communities across Glasgow for more sustainable transport in the city.

Image of reportThe conversation, which took place in September and October 2020, was commissioned by Glasgow City Council and led by Sustrans. An Equality Impact Assessment screening process was used to identify people who are most impacted by transport, and then an engagement approach was developed which would have the best chances of hearing their voices.

Key findings include:

  • People generally agreed with the key problems the Council presented in the Public Conversation, and the top transport problems people themselves mentioned related to lack of safe places to cycle; quality, reliability and connectivity issues with public transport (particularly buses), high cost of public transport (particularly buses) and lack of integration in the public transport system including ticketing.
  • People generally agreed with the four draft outcomes presented for Glasgow’s new transport strategies and plans, and some offered more specific objectives to include, which will be taken on board in the development of the Glasgow Transport Strategy.
  • People supported the concepts of a new City Centre Transformation Plan and a new Liveable Neighbourhoods Plan. They also supported the reallocation of roadspace in Glasgow to more sustainable ways of travelling.
  • There was broad support for a set of draft policy focus statements, though further definition and development was requested on some.
  • Over 50% of survey respondents disagreed that the transport system in Glasgow was adequate for their needs. More positively, there is a substantial desire and openness to change. For example, almost 60% of survey respondants said they would consider leaving their car at home more for shorter journeys (say trips up to 1 or 2 miles) and walking or cycling instead.

Access the summary and full reports on Glasgow City Council's website.

Glasgow City Council is thinking about how people and goods move around the city daily, how to transform the city centre, and how to create liveable neighbourhoods. It is writing new transport-related plans on these issues. The different transport strategies and plans will now be developed alongside each other, and there will be further opportunities to engage in this process during 2021.

Scottish Community Development Centre was involved in some of this work, carrying out focus groups with community organisations across the city.

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