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Get involved in 'Measuring Humanity'

June 6, 2017


Can we ‘prove' that creative community engagement improves health and wellbeing and reduces inequalities? How?

Measuring Humanity is a research project exploring how asset-based approaches can engage marginalised and disadvantaged communities, collect ‘data' from so-called ‘hard-to-reach' communities and inform health service improvements.

Asset-based approaches are bottom-up, community development initiatives that aim to mobilise knowledge, skills and communities' lived experiences to facilitate positive change, improve services and tackle inequalities.

The researchers would like your expertise in using and understanding these policies and approaches. The following sessions will involve informal video-recorded interviews with you about these policies then translate them into straight-talking, non-jargon materials so community members can make sense of them.

Filming will take place at Scottish Community Development Centre, Glasgow on Tues 27th June from 10am - 2pm and Mon 3rd July from 10am - 2pm.  If you'd like to take part, please get in touch with Dr Marisa de Andrade at the University of Edinburgh on 0131 651 5554 or marisa.deandrade@ed.ac.uk.

If you're interested in taking part but can't make these filming dates, please get in touch with her too!

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