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Have you heard of the Social Impact Pledge?

December 8, 2016

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This year the Scottish Government has been asking public sector organisations across Scotland to make Social Impact Pledges - public commitments to changing three aspects of their current operations or policies in a way that will benefit communities.

Pledges are being hosted on the Communities Channel Scotland website, maintained by Scottish Community Development Centre.

You can easily check which pledges have been made near you with our Social Impact Pledge map.

Some pretty useful commitments have been made to communities so far, including:

  • If you are in a community group in Fife, you may be interested to know that Fife College is offering use of its college minibus at weekends to local communities around all of its campuses.
  • If your community organisation is based within Cairngorms National Park, you might be able to apply for small grants of up to £250 from the Cairngorms National Park Authority

If you can’t find something that’s useful to you, please don’t stop there. Let us know what public bodies in your area can do that would help your community activity. Why not tweet to the public sector organisation using the #socialimpactpledge hashtag?

You may have already benefited from a social impact pledge. If so, please let us know about it and we could highlight it on the site

If you’ve any questions about the social impact pledge please contact Andrew Paterson, andrew@scdc.org.uk or 0141 222 4837.

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