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Healthy Influences 2015

April 8, 2015

In 2012, CHEX (Community Health Exchange) published Healthy Influences, which explored how influential Scottish community-led health organisations felt they were on policy and strategic decision making by public agencies. The research found that community-led health organisations contributed to local and national Healthy Influences 2015 coverplanning structures in a range of different ways, from responding to consultations to having representation within planning structures. However, the research also highlighted a range of barriers to involvement and influence, including limited organisational capacity, a lack of information and inaccessible buildings and documents.

CHEX has now repeated the Healthy Influences research. Collectively the findings show that community-led health organisations do not feel any more influential in 2014 than they did in 2011. This is disappointing given the seemingly supportive current policy environment, which aspires to involve and work more closely with community organisations. Our findings show that these directives have still to make an impact on strengthening the influence of community-led organisations and groups.

More positively, many community-led health organisations continue to state they are well-connected to statutory partners and regularly have their voices heard, and some of them can point to examples of where they have contributed to policies at a local and national level. This report highlights where and how collaboration and participation has been successful as well as further exploring seemingly persistent barriers to influence.

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