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Help shape post-referendum Scotland

October 1, 2014

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) seeks the views of voluntary organisations to feed into the post-referendum Smith Commission on the future powers of the Scottish Parliament.

This should be a chance for community groups across Scotland to contribute to the shaping of Scotland's future based on their own experience and perspective.

The Smith Commission has been set up to consult with political parties, civic institutions and the wider public about strengthening the powers of the Scottish Parliament. Rather than invite all organisations to respond to the consultation, the Commission has asked SCVO to to gather third sector views and proposals. More details on how individuals can give their views will be announced by the Commission soon.

The recommendations will deliver more financial, welfare and taxation powers, strengthening the Scottish Parliament within the United Kingdom (The Smith Commission)

SCVO asks that you send your views to felix.spittal@scvo.org.uk. The deadline for responding has been extended to Friday 24th October.  Read more on SCVO's website.

Scottish Community Development Centre (which manages Communities Channel Scotland) will submit its own contribution to SCVO. For further information contact andrew.paterson@scdc.org.uk.

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