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Lessons from the Vic

September 5, 2018

Some people may remember the controversy a few years ago regarding the redevelopment of the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow’s South Side. Now, the community organisation at the forefront of the community response to the development has published a report on their experience of engaging in planning with recommendations for improvements.

The Victoria Forum’s report summarises the experience of attempting to meaningfully engage in the planning process, listing some successes but also quite a few failures and the reasons for them. It presents some recommendations for planning processes and public bodies seeking to increase community engagement and empowerment. These range from establishing an agreement or concordat between the local authority, developers and the community to training in social media and on-line surveys for community councils. The report also calls for community engagement to take place much earlier in the planning process so that local framework plans or ‘masterplans’ properly incorporate community views from the start.
Read the report here

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