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More Communities at the Centre - case studies of community-led health

February 11, 2016

CHEX's latest case study publication presents in-depth information of five organisations from the CHEX network.

As well as the narrative of what More Communities at the Centrethese organisations do and the impact they have, CHEX has mapped the activity of each organisation onto the Community-led Health Logic Model.

The five case studies are Collydean Community Connections in Fife, Craigend Resource Centre in Inverclyde, Just Like Us in Glasgow, Old Knock School in the Isle of Lewis and the Ripple Project in Edinburgh. While they have different starting points, a mixture of expertise and experience and varying levels of support, they all have a common goal of involving community members in the health priorities that matter to them.  The case studies show the significant contribution each organisation makes to  health and wellbeing in their local communities.

In addition to the text, CHEX has included a logic model for each case study showing the inputs, processes, activities, intermediate and long term outcomes for each organisation. The models show both commonalities in approaches such as engaging communities in dialogue about health issues, but also highlight the different activities used in working towards intended outcomes.

Download More Communities at the Centre (5Mb)

** CHEX will be organising a ‘launch and lunch’ event in March or April for More Communities at the Centre to provide more info on the case studies and to discuss the benefits of this way of working to address Scotland’s health inequalities. Stay tuned to find out more **

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