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Responding to Covid19 in Barmulloch

April 21, 2020

Communities Channel Scotland is highlighting the impressive work of community groups across Scotland responding to the COVID-19 crisis by supporting the most vulnerable people in their communities. Here, we share a press release from Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) describing their work for their local communities during the pandemic.             

NEW - see an updated BCDC press release from JUNE 2020 here!

BCDC logoCommunity development charity, BCDC, has strived to support vulnerable community members during the Covid19 outbreak.

A community development charity working with and for residents in Barmulloch and Ward 17 in North East Glasgow, BCDC is dedicated to improving quality of life for all residents through proactive community development. When the lockdown measures came into place, staff knew they needed to act quickly to ensure community members were informed and had the extra support they needed to thrive under these new circumstances.

A significant proportion of the neighbourhoods in Ward 17 are socially and economically disadvantaged according to the Scottish Multiple Layers of Deprivation Index. BCDC knows that our community members are talented, resourceful and have an amazing amount to contribute to society. However, during an extreme situation like this, we knew there were people and families who were going to struggle. Our first thought was, how can we be a lifeline for them? We are close to our communities and they trust us to help them. That’s when we decided to set up the Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Service."

Jacqueline Stewart, General Manager, BCDC. 

BCDC are supporting people in the community impacted by CoronavirusThe Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Service

With funding from Foundation Scotland and Enterprising Provan Fund, BCDC was able to set up this unique service which offers community support for Barmulloch and the surrounding areas. Community members are encouraged to phone or email if they need help of any kind and don’t know where else to turn. BCDC staff are able to signpost residents to appropriate services, support them with accessing resources and be a kind and reassuring voice in an otherwise frightening time.

Pop Up Food Banks

The charity owns several community assets including the Recreation Hall in Barmulloch, which is well loved and used for various groups and children’s parties. Now, it’s been utilised by Achieve More, a youth action charity that has been working to provide pop up food banks for those in need. The banks provide emergency food parcels for individuals and families who require additional support.

Barmulloch Recreation HallInformation Packs

It’s well known that the pandemic doesn’t just hit families financially, it has also been seen to further isolate vulnerable groups and leave people feeling lonely. BCDC are aware of this issue and are working to help where they can.

We know our local community members are feeling isolated, particularly the older generation and those living alone. Access to the internet and knowing how to use technology comes easily to some, but others may not feel so confident for a variety of reasons. We’re here to try and keep residents as connected as possible and right now, the internet is a good way to do that. That’s why I’ve been working on information packs to help community members get the most of their internet connection."

Local BCDC Volunteer, Joseph.

The simple and accessible information packs for adults cover a wide range of information including how to make the most of the internet and your computer, mobile devices and tablets, as well as staying safe online.

BCDC are providing Easter Eggs for local people during the Coronvirus pandemicSpreading some joy

BCDC have also been working to spread some joy during the holiday period. BCDC staff delivered nearly 100 Easter Eggs to the local community in the early hours on Easter morning, while following distancing protocol. The company also donated two to local postmen Paul and Andy to thank them for their bravery during this time.

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