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From response to recovery in Barmulloch

October 8, 2020

Since March, Communities Channel Scotland has been sharing stories of the amazing community-led emergency response to COVID-19 crisis. Now, one of the previously featured organisations, Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) has issued the following press resease describing their move into recovery mode, gradually welcoming back activities across their premises, and preparing staff and residents for a new normal.

BCDC Press Release

North East Glasgow community development charity, BCDC, has been put forward as a case study to Scottish Government for their dynamic working practises during lockdown, providing ongoing support to at risk and vulnerable community members, as well as struggling community businesses and groups.

BCDC website imageThe company have drastically altered their service provision and working environment, supporting staff and board members to work and consult remotely. The company was proud to announce the launch of their new logo in July, and their brand-new website just this week, both results of staff working from home.


Now , the company has entered recovery mode, gradually welcoming back activities across their premises, and preparing staff and residents for a new normal. Most recently, one of their three community owned assets, the Broomfield Road Centre, has re-opened their Rob Roy ABC run gym, but the company are prepared to continue to work responsively to lockdown developments over the coming months.

We’ve been very lucky to be so busy over lockdown, but other than providing space for our bi-weekly food bank, our doors have really been closed, so it’s fantastic to see activities returning after so many months. However, we are aware the situation is still touch and go and are prepared for any new changes to the rules.

The new website is really a huge help with this. We knew that digital communication with our community members was going to be more important than ever during lockdown and beyond, and the website really adds a new dimension to what we can offer residents online. The site is mobile friendly and will allow us to fundraise, engage and advertise our services remotely.

We know now that we’re better prepared than ever to continue our work in Barmulloch and Ward 17, whatever the next few months bring." (Jacqueline Stewart, General Manager, BCDC)

Supporting local organisations

The services advertised on BCDC’s new website are business support and consultation. The company has been able to use its expertise to support other community and charitable organisations over recent months, applying for funding and providing financial assistance to 6 local smaller organisations during lockdown. They have also assisted 2 newer development trusts with their applications to the Scottish Government’s ‘Supporting Communities Funds’, one of which BCDC are managing the successful application for funding on their behalf.

It’s fantastic to know that we’re able to support other community organisations during these challenging times. Being able to advertise the kind of support we can offer on our new website is an important lifeline for local smaller organisations in our field who are struggling. There’s a wealth of knowledge held by our board and staff, and we’d encourage any local groups or charities who are having a hard time to reach out to us. It’s been such a success that we’ll continue to offer consultation and business support services throughout and post lockdown, too.’ Business Growth Officer, Sarah Case, BCDC.

Funded activity

As well as supporting local businesses, community members welfare have been at the heart of BCDC’s work throughout lockdown, and the company has been featured in Communities Channel Scotland for their response to the outbreak. With funding from Foundation Scotland and Enterprising Provan Fund, BCDC was able to set up a Coronavirus Emergency Assistance Service which has been running for the past 5 months. Image from BCDC's foodshare - staff/volunteers in protective masks standing in front of groceriesBCDC have assisted 1,610 people with small financial payments over this period.

BCDC, with funding from the Supporting Communities Fund, Wellbeing Fund and local donations, has also provided a food share from their community owned Recreation Hall in Barmulloch. The food share is non-referral, open to all in need and reflects a normal shopping type environment, feeding 7,090 people in the last 5 months. The project also tackles waste as customers choose only the items they need. As the company and community enters recovery mode, the service has been reduced to 1 day a week.

The same funding also allowed BCDC to donate to other charitable and in need organisations including providing iPads for 2 care homes, nappies and other goods to North Glasgow Baby Foodbank, as well as providing contributions to the likes of Early Years Scotland, Glasgow Pre-Loved Uniforms, Springburn Parish Church, St. Josephs Nursing Home and Greater Springburn Credit Union, among others.

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