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Shape a new human rights law for Scotland

December 2, 2020

Communities throughout Scotland are being encouraged to give your views on a new human rights law for Scotland before 31st January 2021.

Scotland's National Taskforce on Human Rights will be giving recommendations to the Scottish Government about a new human rights law. In order to do this, the task force wants to hear from different communities in Scotland on what they think about the following:

  • How you think a new a new human rights law should work in Scotland.
  • What people might need to use the new law to claim their rights.
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Human rights are vital for all of us. And it is important that this new human rights law is shaped by people’s views and experiences. Groups of all sorts across Scotland are holding online conversations about it and feeding in their views. You can do the same. Visit the link below to find introductory materials, including the video above.


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