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Social prescribing in the news

May 8, 2019

Community organisations wanting to have more of a role in promoting local health may be interested in the following article in the Herald on the SPRING social prescribing project, which highlights some of the benefits of community-led approaches to health.

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Social prescribing is a method of working with people to identify non-medical, community-based, sources of support for them. This includes things like outdoor activity exercise programmes or social clubs - services often delivered by community-led organisations already working in local communities. 

SPRING logoSPRING is a project funded in Scotland and Northern Ireland to support community-led health organisations to better link primary medical care to community-based resources. As part of SPRING, Social prescribers work with referred individuals to link them with local resources ranging from stress management services to community groups offering peer-support.  

A cross-border partnership, the Social Prescribing Project is being led by Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing (SCHW) and the Northern Ireland Healthy Living Centre Alliance (HLCA). The National Lottery Community Fund is providing £3m to fund ten community-led health organisations in Scotland £40,000 per year for at least three years to develop the project and to host social prescribers.

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