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Support for community projects in rural areas

January 22, 2016

Village SOS is a campaign that aims to inspire local community action, through supporting new, developing and existing community projects that benefit residents in rural communities throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Communities involved with Village SOS can learn from other communities across the UK who have been through a successful development process. Village SOS will partner your community up with a VSOS Mentor drawn from these communities who has knowledge and skills relevant to your project.

Projects involved with Village SOS can also receive around three days of free consultancy support to help them make progress. Village SOS will help projects to develop a set of actions, in a bespoke plan of support to be delivered by Rocket Science, Forth Sector or other source of specialist support.

If it sounds like your community would benefit from participating in Village SOS then you can get in touch by filling in this form or by contacting Toby Renouf on 0131 226 4949 or vsos@rocketsciencelab.co.uk.

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