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Supporting Community Anchor Organisations

June 23, 2017

Supporting Communities Programme 2017/18

Supporting Communities is a programme of support for community organisations delivered by Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC). The purpose of the programme is to help community organisations to be in a stronger position to achieve their aims and work with others in the community.

This year support is offered to ‘community anchor organisations', which are organisations with a leading or developmental role in their community. Community development trusts, community-led housing associations, community-led health organisations and community networks can all be considered as community anchor organisations. Community anchor organisations have valuable experience of providing local services, organising community development activities and advocating for community interests. They can also meet diverse local needs and improve democratic participation.

SCDC's support will be tailored to organisational needs but may include: 

1. Strengthening community engagement activities, e.g.

  • Engaging with your community in an inclusive way
  • Methods and skills for community engagement
  • Planning for community engagement activity, and demonstrating impact
  • Embedding and sustaining good practice in community engagement

2. Developing community action planning activities

Support is also available to organisations at various stages of community action planning, which is about building on the above engagement to identify local priorities and setting out how to address these. Support is available to organisations at various stages of their planning journey, from those looking to develop a first community action plan to those looking to review a current plan.  

Support is applicable to organisations at various stages in their action planning journey - from those looking to develop a first community action plan to those looking to review a current plan. The offer includes:

  • Reviewing, developing and implementing existing community plans and planning activities
  • Creating, developing and designing community action planning activities
  • Developing new community action plans
  • Ensuring that the whole community can participate in community action planning processes.

Get in touch

If you want to find out if your organisation can receive support, and learn more about the programme then please fill out your details on SCDC's online expression of interest form by Friday 21st July 2017.

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For further information, please contact david.allan@scdc.org.uk or mick.doyle@scdc.org.uk

Read more about Supporting Communities here

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