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Take part in research on impact of Covid 19 on communities

April 16, 2020

Image showing man and young girl, provided by Young FoundationThe Young Foundation is launching a landmark new citizen science project to track the social impact of COVID-19 on individuals and communities across the UK, exploring what the impact the pandemic and associated social isolation measures are having on individual and community wellbeing, resilience and quality of life.

Delivered in partnership with The Open University the study will also explore what role digital is playing in the community response to the virus (positive or negative) and where sources of information are being sought, consumed and trusted.

Those behind the research believe that, against the backdrop of a dynamic and rapidly changing situation, a citizen science project is the most robust, safe and engaging to capture the real experiences of real people; creating a unique set of insights to support policies and interventions on the long road to recovery post-Covid-19.

You can find out more about the research and how to get involved here.

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