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Tea in the Pot features in the Observer

September 3, 2014

Tea in the Pot, one of the groups we have spotlighted on the Communities Channel, has been featured in an article in the Observer on the upcoming independence referendum.Receiving food hygiene certificates

Fourteen women who attend Tea in the Pot's drop-in service discussed the referendum with the Observer, as part of an article on Scottish women's voting intentions.  The discussion covered a range of pressing issues such as public spending cuts, NHS privatisation, employment and the lack of female politicians. In terms of voting preference, 'yeses' outnumbered 'nos' by nine to five.

Read the article on the Guardian website

Tea in the Pot is a drop-in & support service in Govan, Glasgow, which aims to address the social isolation of women, regardless of their circumstances.  It is being provided support through Scottish Community Development Centre's Supporting Communities programme

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