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Thinking about new ways to generate income?

February 14, 2019

Want to add a social enterprise element to your community organisation? Get a free enterprise health check and up to eight days support to help develop your ideas through Enterprise Accelerator.

Enterprise Accelerator is a partnership between Scottish Community Alliance and Community Enterprise and is intended as a programme of business support for community based organisations who have little or no trading experience but wish to expand this aspect of their operation. The programme is running until March 2019, and operates on two levels:

  • Level 1 support will typically consist of a financial/organisational health check, an appraisal of the business options and will result in an action plan agreed between the organisation and the business advisor from Community Enterprise.
  • Level 2 support will be based upon what is agreed in the action plan up to a maximum of 8 days. The question of who should deliver this support will be agreed and signed off by the client organisation in the action plan.

Enterprise Accelerator should not be confused with the support on offer from the Just Enterprise programme.

If you are interested in the programme, get in touch with Communities Channel Scotland (managed by Scottish Community Development Centre). You need to get endorsement from an organisation that is a member of Scottish Community Alliance, which we can help you with.

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