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Thinking about setting up a local film festival?

January 12, 2018

Your Festival, Your Community

Fri 27 – Sat 28 April 2018, MacRobert, University of Stirling

Your Festival, Your Community will be an event celebrating, learning about and connecting local film festivals from all over Scotland. It will be completely free to attend, open to any local film festival organisers in Scotland and the rest of the UK, or people interested in how they can support local film festivals.

Opening with an awards event on the evening of Friday 27 April, the event will recognise and celebrate the achievements of local film festivals and the communities that support them. There will be the opportunity for your festival, or members of your community to make nominations in the following categories:

Best Guest:  who created a real buzz by: introducing a film, taking part in a Q&A, leading a workshop, or just being part of the festival scene?
Most Surprising Location: from harbours to lighthouses, gable ends to living rooms, festivals are forever finding innovative new ways to screen films: has your festival found the most surprising location to screen a film yet?
Extra Mile Volunteer: volunteers are the backbone of local film festivals: who has put in that extra mile to make your festival special and how have they done it?
Biggest Surprise Hit: which film (short or feature) proved to be a surprise hit with your festival audience?
Most Supportive Partner: a sponsor or a venue, a school or a local radio station—which festival partner has done most to make your festival special?

To find out more visit http://regionalscreenscotland.org/your-festival-your-community-event-and-challenge-funding-announced/

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