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Website for Community Councils

November 12, 2014

As part of the Scottish Government’s work in collaboration with COSLA to enhance the role of Community Councils, the Improvement Service has developed a Community Council website.

Community Council website logoThe purpose of the website is to:

  • Raise awareness of Community Councils amongst the general public.
  • Provide information on the role of a Community Councillor to potential candidates.
  • Support new Community Councils/Councillors to access information to help in their work.
  • Support Community Councils with good practice case studies.

This is the first time a national website has been developed in Scotland with a focus on Community Councils. It has been developed with feedback from Community Council Liaison Officers and
Community Councillors. 

The website contains sections specific to Community Councils such as the rights and responsibilities involved.  It also contains plenty information that is useful to community groups more generally, such as information on community engagement, governance, using social media and links to futher support.

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