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Work with IRISS

August 26, 2015

IRISS is currently looking for partners to work with them in developing a shared piece of collaborative work around the social justice, values and community empowerment:

"The relationships between decision makers, citizens and communities are currently being redefined in Scotland. We are in the grip of an exciting debate about social justice, values and community empowerment. 

Against this backdrop, ‘asset-based' and ‘place-based' approaches signal a new way of doing things that are focused on collaborative and mutually beneficial engagement with people and communities. This aspiration is great, but the practice is challenging.

IRISS is looking for a cluster of partners in a single locality to develop a shared piece of collaborative work. Over three years we'll use our joint experience, passion and expertise to explore new kinds of collaborative relationships between people who live and work within a community. We will work together to co-design responses to make progress on local challenges that are important to you."

 There's more information and contact details here.

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