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We are aware that it can be difficult for community groups to know what sort of support and help is available and to identify what is most relevant.  Image of resourcesThis section of the site aims to save you the work and time by providing and highlighting a range of different guides, tools and ways to get support. Image of resource It should prove to be a useful library whether you are looking for funding or trying to increase the effectiveness of your work.

In Know you will find tools to help you to connect with people in your community and to understand their priorities.

The focus of Grow is on building on the strengths of your community.  It contains resources which should assist you to more effectively organise, achieve your aims and get your message across.HIIC pack  You will also find an up-to-date list of funding sources relevant to communities.

In Show you can find out about how to evaluate your work and to make the case for what you are doing in your community - which can help to bring in funding, increase recognition and, ultimately, influence decisions affecting your work and your community.

FInally, the Policy Low-down section aims to provide straightforward introductions to legislation, government programmes and programmes by other agencies which might be relevant to your community group.

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