Grow your group

Successful community projects grow and develop over time, sometimes from very small scale beginnings.  The community members who make up your organisation will need to develop new skills and consider organisational models in order to meet your aims. It is likely that you will need some support in order to do this. 

This section will introduce you to resources that can help you to build your capacity as group members and as an organisation.  Use the left-hand menu or click on the links in the text below to see more.

Grow your communityDeveloping your group's skills and confidence is the building block on which everything else will depend.  Motivation, ambition and confidence, will come and go as your group meets and overcomes new challenges.  We aim to provide tools and guides to help you develop skills ranging from general communication skills to specialised organisational tasks.

The Communities Channel has also compiled resources to support you to develop organisational structures that are resilient and flexible enough to respond to a changing environment and new demands.

In addition, you may want to grow and diversify your group's services, benefitting the wider community and possibly also generating income for the organisation at the same time. 

And of course, it will be important to generate funding in order to put your group on a sound financial footing in the longer term.

It is also useful to be aware of relevant government policy developments and their opportunities and implications for your group.

Finally, see this list of case studies for illustrations of how other groups have grown.