Creating a Fairer Scotland

Creating a Fairer Scotland was a national 'conversation' established by The Scottish Government, designed to allow people across Scotland to have their say on what a Fairer Scotland should look like in 2030, and what should be done to make this vision a reality.

Creating a Fairer Scotland and Creating a Healthier Scotland were both part of these national conversations and opportunities for people living in Scotland to tell the Scottish Government about the issues and solutions in creating a fairer and healthier Scotland.

Further information

Creating a Fairer Scotland

  • Creating a Fairer Scotland was about capturing views, ideas and concerns around social justice, poverty and inequality and how can Scotland can become a fairer and more equal place to live. You can find out more at
  • Creating a Fairer Scotland discussion paper set the context to the discussion by describing some of the successes and challenges in Scotland today and provides a few ideas about what a fairer Scotland could look like in 2030.
  • The Creating a Fairer Scotland facilitation pack helped groups and wider communities get talking about the kind of Scotland that we want to see in the future.
  • In addition, Scottish Community Alliance created a card game called What Matters to Me to help get local conversations going about what would make a fairer Scotland.
  • As part of the conversation the Scottish Government organised several discussion and planning events which were a chance for people to contribute their ideas and experiences. There's more information about some of these here.
  • Local groups were able to organise their own events to contribute to the discussion, and small grants were available to help fund these - available until 16 Nov 2015.
  • Social media links - @scotgovfairer and

Creating a Healthier Scotland

More resources

  • Another useful online resource for engaging with Fairer Scotland and other discussions was the Scottish Government  dialogue application site. This contained links to more information on specific Fairer Scotland themes, such as employment, welfare, equality and young people.
  • As part of Creating a Fairer Scotland, the Scottish Government also created a survey (now closed) seeking views on how best the Scottish Government can support people into fair and sustainable employment. An easy read leaflet is also available which gives background information on this.