Know your community

Community engagement event, KirktonIn order to make a positive difference to your community, your organisation will need to have a clear understanding of people's issues and needs. 

Communities Channel Scotland contains a variety of resources to help you involve people.  By putting your community at the heart of your work your work will be more relevant and responsive to the people you set out to benefit.

You may want to carry out community-led action research - done with and by particular groups of people rather than to and on them. This type of research ensures that the skills, knowledge and understanding developed through the research remain with your group and the results are of direct relevance to your work.

Every group would like to be listened to, and taken seriously, by public agencies and elected members when it comes to issues that affect them. The Communities Channel highlights useful sources of information to help with influencing decisions.

In addition to connecting with your community, your group will benefit from working in partnership with other local groups and agencies, and Communities Channel Scotland has collected resources to help in this regard.

We have also brought together relevant case studies to illutstrate how these activities work in practice