Influencing decisions

Whether your group is set up to address particular issues or wider community priorities more generally, it is likely that at some point you will want to influence decisions that affect your community.

This section contains resources that will enable you to better influence decisions at a range of levels.



Axis of Infuence

Axis of Influence

The Axis of Influence is a resource aimed at community groups and networks who want to expand their influence on other practitioners and agencies


Achieving Community Empowerment (ACE)

Big Lottery Funded logoThroughout its ACE programme, SCDC has been working with around 10 groups per year to support them to assess the motivations and capacities of their own organisation, and those they seek to influence or work with.


Campaigning and Lobbying

NCVO brandingNCVO has a section on its website on campaigning, with links to further resources.


Civic Activism

Building Changes Trust logoAn online toolkit from Northern Ireland with useful introductions to a range of methods for getting local people more involved in decision making.


Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS)

If you know what is going on at a policy level and how your group fits into this, you will find it easier to make your case when influencing decisions. In our experience there is no better source of concise, relevant policy coverage than that of CDAS.  You might want to consider signing up for the CDAS monthly bulletin.CDAS logo


Engaging and Influencing Decision-Makers

FCDL logo

Quite jargony, but comprehensive, guide to engaging with and influencing decision makers.



Find your MP

UK Parliament logoFind your MP and learn more about MPs, including details of their parliamentary career and contact information.


Find your MSP

Scottish Parliament logoThe Scottish Parliament website allows you to enter your postcode to find your local MSP.


Planning Aid for Scotland

Planning Aid Scotland (PAS), and the resources it offers, can help your group get involved in shaping the development of land, villages, towns and cities by engaging more easily with the planning system.PAS logo


The Poverty Alliance

Poverty Alliance logoThe Poverty Alliance works alongside people experiencing poverty to influence policies at local and national level that will have an impact on poverty.


They Work For You

Find out how your elected representative has been voting and read statements they have made.


Write to Them

Write to Them logo

As with the Find your MSP and Find your MP websites above, Write to Them allows you to identify your local elected representatives.