Involving people

In order to benefit your communtity, your community group will need to involve people who live in the community.  The resources below will help you to involve people in your work and understand unfamiliar ideas that may be of interest to you.

Many of the resources refer to the term 'community engagement', which  generally refers to the involvement of people in the planning of public services. By taking part in good community engagement processes you should have more say over the public services you use and the decisions which affect your community.  You can also apply the principles of community engagement to involving people from your own community in your work.




"Are we being served?" Top tips guide to involving disabled people

Are we being servedGlasgow Disability Alliance's guide to using the National Standards for Community Engagement when working with disabled people.


Better Community Engagement

A range of resources are available as part of this now finished Scottish Government programme. Visit the Scottish Government Website to access the full range of resources, many of which were produced by SCDC.


Community Engagement Toolbox

Community Engagement Toolbox bannerThis English-based website provides information on how local authorities and housing associations can engage better with communities.  It also contains more practical information for members of a community or voluntary groups who want to get involved in changing their local area for the better.


The National Standards for Community Engagement

The National Standards are a set of guiding principles for improving the engagement of public bodies with communities. 

National Standards for Community Engagement logo

They are useful for communities who want to gauge how well public agencies are engaging locally, and also to community groups and organisations who want to engage with people locally.


Participation Compass

Participation compass logoThis site might be useful for community organisations who want to involve a wider group of people in their work. It has information, advice and case studies to help you make your public participation activities as effective as possible.


The Participation Toolkit

Participation toolkit coverCompiled to support NHS staff to involve patients, carers and members of the public, the Participation Toolkit can help to plan, carry out and review your engagement activity.


Using the National Standards for Community Engagement in Rural Communities

SCDC logoThis advice note from SCDC identifies particular issues that groups in rural communities feel may need to be addressed in relation to each of the National Standards for Community Engagement.



VOiCE stands for Visioning Outcomes in Community Engagement, and is an online tool which helps you to plan, conduct and reflect on community engagement.  VOiCE is free for any individual or organisation to use if they are working with communities in Scotland. 

VOiCE logoAs with the National Standards for Community Engagement (above), VOiCE will be useful to community groups and organisations who wish to engage better with others locally.  


SCDC Support

SCDC offers training & consultancy support on key aspects of community engagement including the National Standards for Community Engagement and VOiCE.


The Scottish Co-production Network

Co-production describes a relationship between service providers and service user that draws on the knowledge, ability and resources of both to develop better services.  Co-production involves changing the balance of power from the professional towards the service user. The approach is used in work with both individuals and communities.

The Scottish Co-production Network aims to develop practice around co-production in Scotland.  It is free and open to anyone who is interested in co-production in Scotland.  

Scottish Co-production Network logo



For resources around involving people using digital technology, see our Going Digital page.