Going digital

More people than ever before are using digital technology to connect with others.  By using digital devices and social media your group may be able to increase its reach, and involve more people.

The following resources should help to steer you in the right direction, and to think about the opportunities and implications of using digital technology to connect with your community.



Cyber Security:Small Charity Guide

This guide is by the National Cyber Security Centre (UK-wide) and offers practical advice on how to improve cyber security within small charities. Most of it should also be relevant to community organisations.


Digitally Agile CLD Website

DACLD logoThe Digitally Agile CLD website has plenty of useful resources, case studies and ideas for community groups wanting to make use of digital technology in their work.  You can also find out about the programme's upcoming activities.


Digitally Agile National Principles

Digitally Agile Principles coverThe Digitally Agile National Principles are a framework of guiding principles for the safe and effective use of digital technology and social media in community learning and development.  Click here to sign up!


Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework

Digital Inclusion Outcomes Framework imageThis tool helps organisations to measure the benefits of their efforts to promote get people online and engaged in digital technology.


Digital Participation

Digital participation banner

The name given to the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation's (SCVO) work to promote a Digital Scotland for all.  The webpage contains blogs, tips and information on the Digital Participation Charter.


CharityComms Guide to Social Media for Charities part 1

CharityComms logo

This free guide covers a range of social media platforms and gives practical tips on planning your content, reaching your audience and measuring your impact. 


CharityComms Guide to Social Media for Charities part 2

The follow-on report to the above looks at how to get the best out of different social media platforms, including integrating social media with other communications and how to use social media for camaigning and lobbying.


Personal Learning Networks

NES logoAlthough aimed at health professionals, this video from NHS Education Scotland (NES) gives a short simple introduction to how social media can help you to make connections and stay in touch within your area of interest.


Shared Spaces

Shared SpacesDeveloped by Thumbprint Co-operative and supported by Nesta and Kirklees Council in England, Shared Spaces is a guide to using all sorts of technology (online as well as in the real world) to help get things done in your neighbourhood.  See more material at Kirklees Council's website.


Social Media for Community-led Health

CHEX Social Media guideA guide produced by Community Health Exchange (CHEX) which takes you through some of he things to think about when using social media in a community-led health setting.  Should be relevant to all community groups.


Social Media Toolkit

Locality logoA short and easy to understand toolkit that provides step by step instructions of how to set up and use twitter and facebook.


Social Misfits Media

Social Media Misfits logoSocial Misfits Media is a London based consultancy outfit which helps charities and social enterprises think strategically about their digital presence. Free publications include introductions to social media and making the best use of data to improve work and gain funding.


South Ayrshire Council's advice for community groups using photos found online

South Ayrshire Council logoThe use of copyrighted images is an area we could all perhaps do with a greater awareness in, at a time when the use of photos and other visual material on websites and social media profiles has become commonplace.


Young Digital

Young Digital logoThis research programme has practical advice that will be useful to community groups using digital media in their work with children and young people.  Contains guidance on range of topics, from ethics to choosing a social media platform.



The Digitally Agile CLD website has plenty of useful resources, case studies and ideas for community groups wanting to make use of digital technology in their work.