Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plans

Community Justice Outcome Improvement Plans are an opportunity for community organisations to participate in the planning of services related to justice in their community.

Under section 17 of the Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016, local Community Justice Partnerships (consisting of agencies and services with a role in community justice) must produce a Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan (CJOIP). Relevant community and voluntary organisations must be supported to participate in the development of this plan.

This video from Community Justice Scotland provides a simple introduction to what community justice is all about.

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The following links and resources should be helpful if you want to find out more about community justice and CJOIPs.

Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plans (CJOIPs)

CJVSF logoA great introduction to CJOIPs, with information on how third sector and community organisations can get involved. Provided by Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum, a collaboration of voluntary sector organisations working in criminal justice in Scotland.


Community Justice Scotland

CJ logoA national body set up to oversee communtiy justice in Scotland.

You can also see Community Justice's Social Impact Pledge here.


Community Justice (Scotland) Act

The actual legislation, containing section on CJOIPs. Get yourself a cup of tea!


Guidance for Local Partners in the New Model for Community Justice

The Scottish Government Guidance to accompany the Community Justice Act.


The new model for Community Justice

Another page provided by Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector Forum. This one gives some background to what is happening in this area, including an introduction to the Communtiy Justice (Scotland) Act.




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