Community Learning and Development plans

Community Learning and Development (CLD) supports (mainly) disadvantaged or vulnerable people to bring about change in their lives and communities. It does this through providing opportunities for learning and personal development. The work of many community organisations fits within the definition of CLD.

The Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations requireme local authorities in and their partners to develop three year CLD Plans for their area. They should identify learning and support priorities within the community and how these will be achieved. Local plans must be based on consultation with communities and community organisations.

The following resources and links should be helpful if you want to find out more about how to get involved.

CLD Standards Council

CLD Standards Council logoThe CLD Standards Council Scotland is the professional body for people who work or volunteer in community learning and development in Scotland. It has a policy page for anyone wanting to look in more depth at the legislation relevant to CLD, including the CLD Regulations.


Community Learning and Development Plans 2015-18: Planning for Change in Scotland's Communities

Cover of Planning for Change documentThis is a review of CLD plans produced by local authorities and their partners. It also provides a bit of an introduction to CLD plans and the legislation.


Revised Guidance Note on Community Learning & Development Planning 2018-21

This guidance is for local authorities and other parters preparing CLD plans. There is a short section on p9 summing up how communities should be involved in developing the plans.


The Requirements for Community Learning and Development (Scotland) Regulations 2013

The legislation, which is quite short and refers back to the 1980 Education (Scotland) Act.






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