Local Governance Review

Somebody somewhere is making decisions on your behalf

The Local Governance Review was launched in 2018 and aims to find out what changes are needed to encourage a more local, participatory and inclusive democracy in Scotland.

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As part of the review, the Scottish Government set up the nationwide consultation Democracy Matters (see the video above). 

The review will feed into a forthcoming Local Democracy Bill, which Communities Channel Scotland will continue to post updates on.

Below are some resources which should introduce what the review is all about, and what it might lead to. We'll also link to opportunities for community organisations to contribute to the review as it develops.

Democracy Matters - update

In 2020, the Scottish Government will be continuing the Democracy Matters conversations, with communities, on the future of local decision-making. More news to follow but here's the latest update...


Democracy Matters

Democracy matters logoDemocracy Matters ran in the second half of 2018 and invited community organisations across the country to contribute ideas on how to improve local democracy. This part of the Local Governance Review is now complete but further consulation is likely to follow as the review develops.


Overview of how decisions about public services are taken

The Scottish Government produced this short overview to inform the Democracy Matters conversation. It gives a really useful summary of how decisions are currently taken in Scotland, covering a range of public bodies and layers of government.


SCDC's Democracy Matters response

SCDC's response to the recent Scottish Government’s Democracy Matters consultation welcomes the idea of people having more control over what happens in their communities, and suggests ways in which this might be done to broaden participation and ensure democratic accountability.


Scottish Government page on improving public services

This Scottish Government page will be worth checking for any news updates on future stages of the review.



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