The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019

The Planning (Scotland) Act was passed in July 2019 and proposes changes to how land is developed and used. The Act sets out a new way for communities to feed into the planning system called local place plans (LPPs). LPPs will be prepared by communities and will highlight local priorities for development.

Below are some resources which should introduce what local place plans are.

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019

The link to the legislation


Planning (Scotland) Act on the Scottish Parliament website

This page shows the different stages of scrutiny that the Act had to go through in the Scottish Parliament before it was given 'royal assent' in 2019.


What are place plans?

Development Trust Association Scotland (DTAS) has written an introduction to place planning and some of the different approaches to this.


Community-led Action Planning Toolkit

Argyll & Bute toolkit logoCommunity-led action plans are a way for communities to take the lead in understanding how they feel about where they live, helping to inform good decision making and better support for communities.

They can, but do not have to, focus on developing land, and some people have seen them as a potential starting point for local place plans.

Argyll & Bute Council commissioned Scottish Community Development Centre to develop this toolkit for community-led action planning.


‘Local place planning’: is this what the Planning Review envisaged?

A blog by Nick Wright of Nick Wright Planning on how local place plans should involve a wide range of local people and organisations. The blog contains an example of what a local place plan can look like from Moffat and Beattock.




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