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Community Justice Scotland


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Community Justice Scotland pledges to:

Challenge ourselves to increase the positive impact we make on our local community and make better use of our assets – our buildings/grounds and our people.

In the next six months we will do at least three things that we don’t do at the moment to improve our social impact.                                                                                                        

Signed,  Signature of Chief Executive Karyn McCluskey, Chief Executive, February 2018.                                                                                                                                                                     

1st Commitment


To volunteer with Barnardo’s based at HMP Edinburgh to assist with family visiting time. Volunteers work as Play Workers doing Arts and Crafts with the children that are visiting HMP Edinburgh. By volunteering for Barnardo’s we can increase the positive impact for the children visiting their parents.

There is a regular commitment required involving volunteering 2.5hrs on Sundays and take part in 2.5 days training.


Geographical location of impact

  • HMP Edinburgh – reach covers families that are currently incarcerated at HMP Edinburgh so therefore geographical location could potentially impact Scotland wide.

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2nd Commitment


To support the two local foodbank based in Broomhouse by offering fundraising financial support, collecting food internally to donate, and facilitate our team to volunteer if they wish to.

Geographical location of impact

  • Broomhouse local community and Edinburgh North West

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3rd Commitment

To seek out local charities such as the Y People and the Broomhouse Centre – who work with, provide personal, social and community development opportunities for disadvantaged groups of people in and around the South West Neighbourhood Partnership area in the areas of: education, training, community care, health, inclusion and outreach.                                                                   

Geographical location of impact

  • South West Edinburgh Neighbourhood

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Other commitments:

Community Justice Scotland will take part in regular activities for Scottish Based charities such as collecting underwear for the homeless.

Members of the team will offer up their skills to volunteer for other organisations such as Street Fit where we can provide our time and skills. Nina (also a fitness instructor) will volunteer once a week to provide Street Fit with a Zumba class.

We have a commitment to employ three modern apprentices in 2018.