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Scottish Water pledges to:

Challenge ourselves to increase the positive impact we make on our local community and make better use of our assets – our buildings/grounds and our people.

In the next six months we will do at least three things that we don’t do at the moment to improve our social impact.                                                                                                        

Signed, Douglas Millican, Chairperson, August 2016.                                                                                                                                                                     

1st Commitment

Our people: Adopt a Beach Campaign

We are working with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to make a difference to our environment and communities the length and breadth of Scotland.  We are supporting their new Adopt a Beach campaign and encouraging our employees to volunteer their time in their local community.

We have identified and registered for 30 regional beaches and are encouraging employees to adopt them and become a beach clean volunteer, to play a part in making a difference to their natural environment in their local area.

We work to protect and enhance the environment in Scotland, and to achieve reductions in pollution and flooding – which also impact on customers and communities, and by working with MCS and supporting the Adopt a Beach campaign, we can have a positive role in the fight against beach and marine litter. Not only are we helping to care for Scotland’s coastline, but it is a great opportunity and initiative for our employees, particularly in more remote locations, to get involved with the Scottish Water volunteering programme and make a different while engaging with their local community.

Geographical location of impact

  • Scotland wide

Contact details

  • Fiona Burley, Scottish Water Volunteering Programme Co-ordinator, Scottish Water Helpline: 0800 0778778


2nd Commitment

Our assets: Keep the water cycle running smoothly

Our Cycle campaign actively supports our work to educate and work with our customers to reduce preventable blocked drains and sewers happening in the first place, which in turn will help alleviate the consequences of sewer flooding. The campaign highlights how everyone can play their part in helping to keep Scotland’s water cycle running. For example, taking simple steps to save water and prevent blockages in drains and sewers.

We maintain and improve over 30,000 miles of sewer pipes which take waste water away from homes and business premises across Scotland. We then treat this at over 1,800 waste water treatment works before returning it to the environment.

Every year there are approx. 37,000 blocked drains and sewers across Scotland, which can cause flooding which affects local communities and pollutes rivers, burns and coastal waters.  Around 80% of these blockages that clog up the cycle are caused by either inappropriate items being put down the toilet, or fat, oil and grease being put down the sink.

Going forward we will work with customers and communities at a local level where we are working on existing and/or new waste water assets.  This is a great opportunity for communities to help play their part in keeping the water cycle running smoothly in their local area and protect the natural environment of their local burns, rivers, coastal water and beaches. 


Geographical location of impact

  • Scotland wide

Contact details

  • Scott Fraser, Campaign Manager, Scottish Water Helpline: 0800 0778778


3rd Commitment

Our Assets: Visitor information at our reservoirs

Scottish Water own over 250 reservoirs across Scotland. While the main purpose of these reservoirs is playing a key part of the drinking water supply network providing vital water resources for the region, we recognise that many of the reservoirs are scenic and also play an important role within local communities as recreational leisure/visitor attractions for both people from the local community as well as for people visiting the area.

Currently there is little information and/or signage at these reservoirs to help visitors increase their enjoyment of the area.

Our Craigmaddie and Mugdock reservoirs at Milngavie attract the largest number of visitors so we will start here and work with the local community to improve the visitor information/signage and help improve the experience when visiting for recreational purposes.                                                    

Geographical location of impact

  • Milngavie


Contact details

  • Judy Wakker, Community Relations Manager, Scottish Water Helpline: 0800 0778778