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University of Edinburgh pledges to:

Challenge ourselves to increase the positive impact we make on our local community and make better use of our assets – our buildings/grounds and our people.

In the next six months we will do at least three things that we don’t do at the moment to improve our social impact.                                                                                                        

Signed,  Signature of PrincipalPeter Mathieson, Principal, July 2019                                                                                                                                                     

1st Commitment

The Centre for Homelessness and Inclusion Health will extend its educational outreach and partnership-working in support of effective practice                                          


Geographical location of impact

  • Edinburgh City Centre

Contact details

  • Dr Fiona Cuthill, Academic Director of the Centre for Homeless and Inclusion Health, School of Health in Social Science

2nd Commitment

We will launch phase 1 of the 'Understanding Place Project', a research programme aimed at tackling multiple deprivation and empowering and giving a voice to hard-to-reach and marginalsied groups.


Geographical location of impact

  • Communities across the City of Edinburgh

Contact details

  • Professor Lesley McAra, Assistant Principle (Community Relations) and Director of the Edinburgh Futures Institute

3rd Commitment

We will develop and pilot a scheme to allow local community organisations to make use of the University's rooms


Geographical location of impact

  • City of Edinburgh

Contact details

  • Michelle Brown, Head of Social Responsibility & Sustainability Programmes, Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability

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