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Arts in Merkinch - Inverness

Arts in Merkinch is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation operating in the Merkinch area of Inverness.  It aims to improve wellbeing of people in Image provided by Arts in MerkinchMerkinch by providing access to arts and cultural activity, and to change perceptions of Merkinch by encouraging people to come to area.

Established over ten years ago, the organisation has gone from organising exhibitions at festivals and church halls to the leasing of its own premises, the Bike Shed and then the Clay Studio further up the street.  Both these spaces are very active in the area with one-off events and regular activities and training for local people.

Examples of regular activities include sewing groups, writing classes, sensory play, arts and theatre classes and employment services.  Arts in Merkinch also links up with arts festivals and galleries (including national organisation led programmes) to collaborate on exhibitions and events.

In addition to being run by its well-established board, the organisation has a steering group mostly consisting of local people who have previously accessed services.


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