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The Broomhouse Centre - Edinburgh

Broomhouse Centre iconEstablished in 1991 in Broomhouse, Edinburgh, The Broomhouse Centre was set up to meet the urgent local need for community services and to tackle the most immediate issues.

The Centre now employs 23 staff, 5 consultants, and is supported by over 100 loyal volunteers. The annual turnover is just over £500,000 raised from 30 different funders. Through the years, thousands of people have been helped and there are now 11 core services ranging from Dementia Day Care to Young People’s Counselling. Volunteers play a very important part within the organisation’s delivery of services, with over 12,000 hours per annum given to the projects in previous years.

Governance is strong, with 8 local directors, 5 business directors, and a local minister. The organisation is a registered charity, and a company limited by guarantee. Currently, the Broomhouse Centre is exploring ways to achieve longer-term financial support, and has ambitions to purchase the building it operates from and make it fit for purpose.               


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