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Broomhouse Health Strategy Group - Edinburgh

Broomhouse Health Strategy Group aims to promote healthy lifestyles within the local community by providing access to affordable food and through involvement in local events.

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Based in South West Edinburgh, the Group takes a community development approach, bringing local people together through a range of activities, such as  the running of a fruit and veg co-op, cookery classes, exercise classes, health drop ins and volunteering opportunities. Another initiative is Broomhouse & Sighthill Time Bank, which is an easy way for people to share skills and get to know others in their own community.

There is a strong emphasis on volunteering, and volunteers run the fruit and veg co-op shop 5 mornings a week, to ensure Broomhouse residents have access to good quality, low cost healthy produce. In keeping with the Group’s community development ethos, it raises awareness of health issues through education, carrying this out in partnership with the local community in a welcoming and inclusive approach.

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