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Clean up Tarbolton Woods – South Ayrshire

Clean up Tarbolton Woods began as a campaign against the spoiling of the local woods through fly-tipping, and is now  proactively regenerating the area through a range of activities.

The campaign began with photos of fly-tipping in Tarbolton Woods and the “right of way” path being posted on Facebook. Aware of how passionate the community was about the issue, one proactive local contacted Clean up day at Tarbolton WoodsSouth Ayrshire Council and organised a Public Meeting in May 2015 to address the issue and to enlist local support.

Since then, a number of constructive public meetings have taken place, which have led to actions such as contacting council departments and businesses operating in the area for support – the likes of skips and litter picking equipment have been acquired.  A series of successful clean up  days have been organised involving local volunteers, and the group has gained helpful press coverage from local newspapers and radio stations.

The group is continuing to seek support and also wants to branch out into wider regeneration in the area, ranging from restoring bridges to creating cycle paths.  South Ayrshire Council has  provided capacity building training for committee members to support the group’s development.

If you would like to volunteer with, or support, Clean Up Tarbolton Woods contact Samantha Brown, Secretary,  H: 01292 540624  W: 01292 267381  M: 07984 345604, email: cutwc@outlook.com.

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