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Clyde Shopmobility - West Dunbartonshire

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Clyde Shopmobility is a community led charity which helps people get around town by providing mobility equipment, such as motorised scooters and wheelchairs. The organisation is based in Clydebank Shopping Centre and Alexandria and is available to anyone who has difficulty getting around because of illness, accident, injuries or disability. 

Clyde Shopmobility doesn’t just offer support and scooters for people who want to shop.  It also supports users to pursue leisure activities like guided tours around the park or local canal and healthy eating workshops.  Other important services provided include supporting people with hearing loss and providing a third party reporting service.  The organisation also provides ‘sighted guides’ for those with visual impairment.

Clyde Shopmobility’s Board is made up of local community activists who have a good understanding of the accessibility issues experienced by people in everyday life and is supported by West Dunbartonshire Council.


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