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The Cyrenians Farm - Edinburgh

The Cyrenians Farm is a social enterprise located just outside Edinburgh that runs a working farm producing fruit, vegetables and eggs. The Farm is also home to a community of vulnerable young people, many with experience of homelessness. Cyrenians Farm veg bagGrowing food helps the community to grow, providing a range of opportunities for individuals to develop skills and confidence as a step towards a settled lifestyle.

A great example of how the Cyrenians Farm helps to sustain itself is through the production and sale of ‘veg bags’. Each bag contains locally grown fresh fruit and veg, and these are ordered, and delivered to, households and workplaces all over Edinburgh.  Food from the farm is also sold in a range of delis, co-ops and other outlets throughout the city.

Other initiatives include: the Good Food Programme - a social enterprise that supports people through access to food and the development of cooking skills; team building days for other organisations; and volunteering opportunities.


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